Projects 2004 2022


Airway clearance techniques for Indigenous adults with bronchiectasis

Lee, A., Nicolson, C., Potter, K., Budd, R., Laird, P. & Chang, A.

Menzies School of Health Research


Project: Research

Expanded trial of an integrated smart home technology for people with cognitive impairment

Callaway, E., Simpson, G., Tregloan, K., Tate, R., Sloan, S., Mackey, J., Morgan, P., Dalton, A., Hodgkinson, A. & Babbage, D.


Project: Research

Dose parameters in Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation

Malliaras, P., Haines, T., Vicenzino, B., Munteanu, S., Hasani, F. N. M. & Schoch, P.


Project: Research

Does listening to self-selected music during pulmonary rehabilitation enhance clinical outcomes?

Lee, A., Brooks, D., Tamplin, J. & Clark, I.


Project: Research

AMTI force plate

Malliaras, P.


Project: Research

Remote diagnosis of common apophyseal injuries in the lower limb

Williams, C., Bowles, K., James, A., Caserta, A. J., Haines, T. & Paterson , K.


Project: Research

Youth COACH Evaluation

Ayton, D., Soh, S. & Hillman, C.

Crossway Life Care


Project: Research