Engineering new tools to aid structure determination of membrane proteins

Thal, D., Veldhuis, N., Wang, H. & Scott, D. J.


Project: Research

Development of a first-in-class neuroprotective drug for protecting the brain after stroke

King, G. F., Widdop, R., Broughton, B., Rash, L. D. & Smith, M. T.


Project: Research

Translational Venom and Antivenom Research

Isbister, G., Buckley, N., De Silva, J., Brown, S., Hodgson, W., Lalloo, D., de Silva, H. J., Dawson, A. H., Gawarammana, I. & Graudins, A.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Modulation of EAAT Activity in ALS

Beart, P., Cheema, S., Elger, B. & O'Shea, R.

4/10/02 → …

Project: Research

Nat Heart Fdn (A) (S/Ship) - Emma Jones

Jones, E.

Heart Foundation

2/03/00 → …

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