Chemical and social ecology of Australian Cycas

Gleadow, R., Bradley, J. & Lloyd, G.


Project: Research

Indigenous care leavers in Australia: A national scoping survey

Mendes, P., Saunders, B., McCurdy, S., Standfield, R. & Burton, J.


Project: Research

IKM in Indigenous cultural centres of the Pacific

de Villiers, A. M., Denison, T. & Faulkhead, S.


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

Roberts, R. G., O'Connor, S., Lawson, J., Jacobs, Z., Cohen, T., Haberle, S., Bird, M., Ulm, S., Turney, C. S. M., Nakata, N., Curnoe, D., Cooper, A., Bradshaw, C. J. A., Weyrich, L., David, B., Russell, L., Brook, B. W., Johnson, C. N., Asmussen, B., Knowles, C., Torrence, R., Slack, M., Delannoy, J., Leavesley, M., Miller, G., Schiffels, S., Storey, M. & McNiven, I.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution, Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research

Vessels For Stories

Yulianti, L. & Hickey, K.

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Project: Research

MCLA animations: Teaching and Learning Website

Russell, L., Bradley, J., Faulkhead, S., Chandler, T. & McKee, B.


Project: Research

Lake Tyers State Park Cultural Mapping Project

Russell, L. & Hagen, R.


Project: Research

AusStage Phase 6 Visualising Venues in Australian Live Performance Research

Meyrick, J. J., Tompkins, J. E., Fensham, R. S., Casey, M., D'Cruz, G., Arrighi, G. A., Marshall, J., O'Toole, J., Hadley, B. J., Maxwell, I. A., Wake, C., Tait, P. L., Hamilton, M. M. & Barrand, J.


Project: Other

Quandamooka Aboriginal Women on the Colonial Frontier in the 19th Century

Moreton-Robinson, A. & Casey, M.


Project: Research

3D Animation to Reclaim Indigenous Languages

Faulkhead, S., Bradley, J., Chandler, T., McKee, B. & Russell, L.

Telematics Trust


Project: Research

Indigenous voice: art, language and animation

Russell, L., Faulkhead, S. & Bradley, J.


Project: Research

2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Russell, L.


Project: Research

Kimberley Visions: rock art style provinces in northern Australia

David, B., Gleadow, A., Ouzman, S., Porr, M., Veth, P. & Zubieta Calvert, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Sea Turtle Dreaming

Bradley, J.


Project: Research

New Guinea's place in Southeast Asia: a study integrating archaeology, linguistics and genetics

Denham, T., Donohue, M., Nichols, J., Richards, M. & Wichmann, S.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research