2008 Early Career Bench & Bedside Collaborative Grant

Deeks, A., Sayakhot, P. & Teede, H.

Victorian Cancer Agency


Project: Research

A new model of health-care for co-morbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease

Zoungas, S., Teede, H., Kerr, P., Russell, G., Walker, R., Bach, L., Gallagher, M., Fulcher, G., Usherwood, T., Cass, A., Ranasinha, S., Jan, S., Lo, C. & Zimbudzi, E.

Australian Government Department of Health


Project: Research

ALL-SIS: Anxiety in Later Life - Screening and Intervention Study

Robinson, T., Hills, S. & Hills, D.


Project: Research

A study of Statins for reducing events in the elderly

Zoungas, S., Abhayaratna, W., Beilin, L. J., McNeil, J., Nelson, M. R., Storey, E., Tonkin, A., Ward, S. A. & Wolfe, R.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Cheshire Toolkit website development

Skouteris, H. & Blewitt, C.

Bestchance Child Family Care


Project: Research

CRE PCOS Travel Grant

Lim, S.


Project: Research

Developing a Trans-national Practitioner Network in Healthcare Improvement

Skouteris, H., McLoughlin, I., Kirkpatrick, I., Spyridonidis, D., Robinson, T., Crump, B., Burns, P. & Melder, A.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution, University of Warwick


Project: Research

Elucidating the increasing demand for genital cosmetic surgery among girls and women in Australia

Kirkman, M., Dobson, A., Fisher, J., Souter, K., Butera, R., Casper, G., Farrell, E., Michelmore, J., Steele, A., Tomlinson, J., Vollenhoven, B., Webster, A. & Yap, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Australian Federation of Medical Women, Family Planning Victoria, Jean Hailes Foundation, Monash Health, Women's Health Victoria, Deakin University


Project: Research

Heart Foundation Travel Grant

Moran, L.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Identifying anxiety in later life

Hills, D., Hills, S., Robinson, T. & Hungerford, C. L.


Project: Research