Addressing commercial influences in assisted reproductive technology

Lipworth, W., Kerridge, I., Ledger, W., Norman, R. J., Newson, A. J., Stewart, C., Karpin, I., Mills, C., Waldby, C. & Mayes, C.


Project: Research

Religion, pluralism and healthcare practice: a philosophical assessment

Oakley, J., Clarke, S., Coady, C. A., Savulescu, J. & Wilkinson, D. J. C.


Project: Research

Ethical framework/guidelines for ICU resource allocation in Victorian hospitals during the COVID pandemic

Oakley, J., Jamrozik, Z., Dabscheck, A., French, C. & White, C.

Safer Care Victoria


Project: Research

The Epistemology of Expertise and Humility

Simpson, R. M., Bin Abdul Rahman, S., Chadha, M., Daniels, P., Jones, T., Kendal, Y. S. K., Koplin, J., Oppy, G. & Silva Jr, P.

John Templeton Foundation - USA


Project: Research

Good Soldiers and Ethical Soldiers

Sparrow, R., Coady, C. & Wolfendale, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research