Community of Practice StrokeLink Tasmania

Kilkenny, M. & Kim, J.


Project: Research

Ian Potter Foundation Travel Grant

Zengin, A.


Project: Research

Preventing Diabetes Progression Via a Tolerance-Inducing Vaccine

Apostolopoulos, V., Plebanski, M., de Courten, B., Mannering, S. & de Courten, M.


Project: Research

Development and evaluation of a eHealth 'Virtual Hospital' to improve the care of patients with chronic diseases.

Liew, D., Sievert, W., Cameron, J., Le, S. T. T., Wang, B., St John, H., Whittle, J., Larkins, A. & Flynn, D.


Project: Research

Phase 1 clinical trial of amnion cell therapy for stroke

Sobey, C. G., Lim, R., Wallace, E. & Phan, T.


Project: Research

Sleep Companion Consumer Entry Decision Tree and CRC Sleep Health Management Decision Support System – Phase 4

McEvoy, R. D., Sletten, T., Lovato, N., Vakulin, A., Catcheside, P., Wallace, A., Reynolds, K. J., Randhawa, S., Gardener-Stephen, P., Lakeman, J., Stevens, D., Lack, L., O'Grady, A., Chai-Coetzer, C. L., Grunstein, R. R., Gordon, C., Ramos, F., Jefferies, B., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Hamilton, G. & Howard, M.


Project: Research

Cognitive dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus

Hoi, A. & Raghunath, S.


Project: Research

ADHOC: Administrative Data for Healthcare-associated Infections and Other Complications

Stewardson, A., Worth, L. J., Cheng, A., Johnson, P. D. R., Stuart, R., Marshall, C. L., Lee, A. & Clezy, K.


Project: Research