Medicine Alfred Hospital

Projects 2000 2025

Assessing diagnostic accuracy for melanoma with compared to without access to Melanoma Surveillance Photography in high-risk individuals

Mar, V., Cust, A. E., Soyer, P., Morton, R., Wolfe, R., Guitera, P., White, P., Janda, M., Fishburn, P. & Kelly, J.

The Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research

The development and management of post traumatic epilepsy

Laing, J. & O'Brien, T.


Project: Research

The airway microbiota in advanced cystic fibrosis lung disease: its relationship to early life factors

Frayman, K., Ranganathan, S., Marsland, B., Armstrong, D., Wilson, J. & Grimwood, K.


Project: Research

Molecular control of postnatal heart development

Porrello, E. R., El-Osta, S., Delbridge, L. M. & Hudson, J.


Project: Research