Projects 2000 2024


Targeting Superbugs: discovery and development of new broad-spectrum lipopeptide

Li, J., Dudley, M. N., Griffith, D., Hecker, S., Lomovskaya, O., Nation, R., Roberts, K., Thompson, P. & Velkov, T.

National Institutes of Health (NIH US)


Project: Research

A 700 MHz NMR Spectrometer for the Melbourne Biomolecular NMR Network: A High Throughput Resource

Scanlon, M., Babon, J. J., Bottomley, S., Call, M., Gooley, P., Gras, S., Hinds, M., McConville, M., Norton, R., Reynolds, E., Separovic, F. & Stone, M.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Sustained release device for the treatment of glaucoma

Capuano, B., Donohue, A. C. & Tait, R.


Project: Research

Synthesis of 2-Fluorofucose Peracetate

Crosby, I.


Project: Research

Molecular regulation of blood cell production and function

Norton, R., Alexander, W. S., Hilton, D., Metcalf, D., Nicola, N., Robb, L. G., Roberts, A., Starr, R. & Zhang, J. G.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Synthesis of cell targeting conjugates

Flynn, B.


Project: Research

UV-visible spectrophotometer and software

El-Kabbani, O., Capuano, B., Chung, R. & Velkov, T.

Collier Charitable Fund


Project: Research

CRC Cancer Therapeutics - Equipment

Scammells, P.


Project: Research