Research Output 1985 2016


Human fetal kidney volume in gestational diabetes

Hokke, S., Carr, B., Puelles, V. G., Coombs, P. R., Allan, C., Armitage, J., Edwards, A., Wallace, E. M., Bertram, J. F. & Cullen-McEwen, L. A., Sep 2015, p. 39-39.

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Mid-gestation intra-amniotic infection with Ureaplasma parvum is resolved within spiny mice (Acomys cahirinus) by term delivery: but caused chronic infection of fetal lungs and placentae

Knox, C. L., Bryan, E. R., Pasco, R., Rodgers, K., Sweeney, E. L., Dickinson, H., Polglase, G., Tolcos, M., Walker, D. W. & Moss, T. J. M., 2013, p. 91 - 92. 2 p.

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