Collaborative Research Project to Develop and Commercialise Methods and Apparatus for Determining Conditions of Biological Tissue

Stockx, E. M., Berger, P., Camilleri, P., Ramsden, C., Upadhyay, A. & Wilkinson, M.

Pulmosonix Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Development of a high content screening platform for individualised cancer chemotherapy

Williams, E., Gargett, C., Hannigan, G., Johns, T., Watkins, N. & Davis, I.

Victorian Cancer Agency


Project: Research

Oxygen therapy for the preterm infant - optimising delivery

Tan, K., Berger, P. & Ramsden, C.

Foundation for Children (FFC)


Project: Research

The effect of stress in pregnancy on offspring behaviour

Dickinson, H.

ANZ Trustees


Project: Research