Projects 1998 2024


Innovative isotopic techniques to study the response of soil and water resources to modern and past climate change

Cartwright, I., Aubert, M., Baker, A., Bennett, V. L., Burton, E., Chivas, A., Cohen, D., Dosseto, A., Eggins, S., Goodwin, I., Graham, I., Hesse, P., Joannes-Boyau, R., Johnston, S., Murray-Wallace, C., Norman, M., Nutman, A., Scheffers, A., Sullivan, L., Westaway, K., White, D., Cendon, D. & Fink, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

West Gippsland; source rock assessment

Hall, M.


Project: Research

Foundation technology for quantum measurement, sensing and computing.

Helmerson, K., Anderson, R., Biercuk, M., Hollenberg, L., Luiten, A., Scholten, R., Simpson, D., Turner, L. & Starr, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

What regulates star formation?

Price, D., Federrath, C. & Bate, M. R.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

How the visual environment affects population declines in woodland bird communities

Morales Villegas, H. E., Delhey, K. & Sunnucks, P.

BirdLife Australia


Project: Research

Program Leader B Research Support

Tapper, N.


Project: Research

Water oxidation photocatalysis by a bioinspired manganese cluster

Spiccia, L. & Bonke, S.

Australian Synchrotron


Project: Research

Lung aeration in the presence of a diaphragmatic hernia

Wallace, M., Hooper, S., Lewis, R., Kitchen, M., Fouras, A. C., te Pas, A. B., Siu, K., Siew, M. L., Yagi, N., Uesugi, K. & Pearson, J.

Australian Synchrotron


Project: Research