Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Projects 2000 2024


Compounds Australia - Enabling the Next Phase of Australian Drug Discovery

Poulsen, S., Martin, J. L., Avery, V. M., Quinn, R. J., Baell, J., Scanlon, M., Booker, G. W., Abell, A., Wang, S., Karuso, P., Guillemin, G. A., Smith, J. A., Ryan, J. H. & Peat, T. S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution, Monash University – Internal School Contribution


Project: Research

Desmoglein-2: A novel lifeline to treat diabetes

Bonder, C. S., Coates, P., Voelcker, N. & Jessup, C. F.


Project: Research

Noxopharm lymph uptake idronoxil studies 2

Trevaskis, N.


Project: Research

John Dixon Hughes Medal for Medical Research Innovation 2017

McIntosh, M. & Lambert, P.


Project: Research

Vascularised Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix as an Alternative Site for Islet Transplantation

Coates, P., Voelcker, N., Torpy, D., Greenwood, J., Grey, S. T., Kay, T. W. H. & Loudovaris, T.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF US)


Project: Research

Enhanced Pharmacist Roles Project

Jackson, J. & Kirkpatrick, C.


Project: Research

SPEX 6870 Freezer Mill

Kong, D., Landersdorfer, C., Lee, W. L., Choong, P. F. M. & Peel, T.

Equity Trustees - Harold and Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust


Project: Research

Distributed facility for fragment based drug discovery

Scanlon, M., Dixon, N., Gooley, P., Hughes, R. A., Kwan, A., Lewis, P., Mackay, J., Matthews, J., Norton, R., Oakley, A. J. & Scammells, P.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, University of Sydney, University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle, University of Melbourne


Project: Research

Low-Cost Portable Inhalation Therapy Platform For Needle-Free DNA-Based Influenza Vaccination

Yeo, L., Hurt, A., Piedrafita, D. & Morton, D.


Project: Other

DsbA inhibitors: from hits to leads

Martin, J., Scanlon, M., Heras, B., Scammells, P. & Torsika, M.


Project: Research

Probing targeted drug delivery with porous silicon nanodiscs

Cifuentes Rius, A., Pelaz, B., Chhasatia, R. & Huhn, J.


Project: Research

Engineering silicon nanowires for new-generation vascular implants

Voelcker, N., Kemkemer, R., Elnathan, R., Delalat, B., Yound, J. & Holle, A.


Project: Research