Data61 CRP #47 - Economic Scenario Generation (ESG) and Optimal Superannuation Life-Cycle Modelling and Risks

Koo, B., Pantelous, A., Knight, K., Zhu, Z., Chen, W. (., Toscas, P. & Stephenson, A.


Project: Research

Dept Hlth & Aged -MSAC

Unknown, ..

15/11/01 → …

Project: Research

Do franchisors abuse their market dominance? A pilot study

Buchan, J., Nicholls, R. & Mani, S.


Project: Research

East Asia Analytical Unit for its forthcoming report on China

Mai, Y., Adams, P. & Horridge, M.

28/02/02 → …

Project: Research

Econometric Methods for Distributional Policy Effects

Oka, T. & Li, T.


Project: Research

ES: Economic Stress, Non-cognitive Skill Development and Life Outcomes

de New, S., Haisken-DeNew, J. & Powdthavee, N.


Project: Research

EMSAFE – Employee Voice and Safety at Work in a time of Scarcity

Lamvik, G., Donaghey, J., Hvid, H., Sampson, H. & Melberg, K.


Project: Research

Evaluation of Victoria police project management practices

Scholem, P. G.

4/03/03 → …

Project: Research

FIT for purpose: personalised surveillance colonoscopy for people at increased risk of colorectal cancer

Symonds, E. L., Young, G. P., Wilson, C., Fraser, R., Bampton, P., Kuipers, E. & Chen, G.


Project: Research

Grape & Wine - CRCV2-Dr M Cole

Unknown, ..

RM4-SAP Finance Holding Organisation

18/02/04 → …

Project: Research

Gross credit flows, credit reallocation, and the macroeconomy

Contessi, S., Dong, M. & Minetti, R.


Project: Research

Healthy Stores 2020: Reducing retail merchandising of discretionary food and beverages in remote Indigenous community stores

Brimblecombe, J., Mah, C., Peeters, A., Miles, E., Wycherley, T., Ferguson, M., Minaker, L., McMahon, E., Turner, C., O’Dea, K. O., Greenacre, L., Moodie, M., Chatfield, M., Hammond, M., Stronach, M., O'Connor, R. & De Silva, K.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Improving external validity of stated choice experiments

Bliemer, M., Rose, J., Oppewal, H. & Lancsar, E.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Income inequality and corporate decisions

Xia, Y.


Project: Research

Innovative Use of Customer Data for Business Growth

Danaher, P., Danaher, T. & Smith, M. S.


Project: Research

Integrtd Destn Model-Sustainable Tourism

Unknown, ..

Griffith University

1/01/04 → …

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