A non-inferiority trial of tailored Text Messaging versus Quitline for smoking cessation among low-socioeconomic status smokers

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National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

New Methods for Incorporating Financial Factors in Estimating Potential Output

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Project: Research

FIT for purpose: personalised surveillance colonoscopy for people at increased risk of colorectal cancer

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Project: Research

Understanding the Sources of Secular Stagnation

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Project: Research

Econometric Methods for Distributional Policy Effects

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Project: Research

ES: Economic Stress, Non-cognitive Skill Development and Life Outcomes

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Project: Research

EMSAFE – Employee Voice and Safety at Work in a time of Scarcity

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Project: Research

The interplay of centralized and decentralized forecasting in the digital age

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Project: Research

Do franchisors abuse their market dominance? A pilot study

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Project: Research

Income inequality and corporate decisions

Xia, Y.


Project: Research

Revolutionising water-quality monitoring in the information age

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Project: Research

Gross credit flows, credit reallocation, and the macroeconomy

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Project: Research

Bayesian Empirical Likelihood: Data Analysis Tools with Applications in Econometrics

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Project: Research

Addressing financial inclusion in rural India: the role of information and peer pressure

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Project: Research

An Evaluation of Electronic Care Plans

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Alfred Health


Project: Research

Data61 CRP #47 - Economic Scenario Generation (ESG) and Optimal Superannuation Life-Cycle Modelling and Risks

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Project: Research

New methods for modelling complex trends in climate and energy time series

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Project: Research

Addressing Australia’s national transfusion research priorities

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Project: Research