Projects 2000 2024

Dept Hlth & Aged -MSAC

Unknown, ..

15/11/01 → …

Project: Research

CRC Trunk Diseases

Unknown, ..

RM4-SAP Finance Holding Organisation

1/01/01 → …

Project: Research

Collier - Dr S Orr

Orr, S.

Collier Charitable Fund

14/01/00 → …

Project: Research

Not started

Using transparency to achieve equality

Blackham, A., Thornton, M. & Allen, D.


Project: Research

Provision of 1999/2000 Monash Database

Adams, P.

Project: Research

Electronic Based Instruction: The Development of Resources and a Skills Set

Gabbott, T., Brace-Govan, J., Clulow, V., Farrelly, F., Joy, S., Luxton, S., McLean, A. & Wagstaff, P.

Monash University

Project: Research

Trials Of User Choice Focus Group

Ferrier, F., Long, M. & Selby Smith, C.

Project: Research

Reviewing the Corporations Act

Foerster, A.


Project: Consultancy

Developing a sector-wide approach to embedding employABILITY thinking in business

Bennett, D., Dickinson, S., Kimberley, N., Jevons, C., da Silva Rosa, R., Ananthram, S., Pedigo, K., Lindsay, S., Benati, K., Fan, D. & Timming, A.


Project: Research

Takeovers and Shareholder Agreements Research

Duffy, M.


Project: Research

MMGPI: Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index 2018

Kapur, D., Katiforis, Y., Knox, D. & Pham, N.


Project: Research

Creating a Responsible Palm Oil Supply Chain: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective

Ahmed, P. & Fayezi, S.


Project: Research

Lightboards everywhere

Turner, L., Anderson, R., Kaur, C., Angus, S., Leroux, A., McCormick, D., Sethi, A., Nichol, C., Parasnis, J., Halupka, V., Wordley, S., Li, J., Smith, T., Gibbs, J., Wyness, A., Fogg, Q., Schliephake, K., Beilby, K., McMenamin, P., Humfrey, D., Thompson, C., Macfarlan, B., Lasky, P., Vanderkruk, K. & Morton, S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research