Projects 2002 2022


Gippsland Survivorship Program: Improving care coordination, service delivery and health outcomes for people with cancer and carers

Iddawela, M., Ristevski, E., Joshi, S., Kuyumcian, A., Wright, T., Jayasuriya, N., Wood, E., Wood, M., Roscoe, D., Hamilton, V., Shearer, M., Proposch, A., Bogart, M., De Gooyer, S. & McGrail, M.


Project: Research

The use and promotion of alcohol in Victorian secondary schools

Ward, B., Buykx, P., Housdorf, K. & Wiggers, J.


Project: Research

Building Clinical Placement Capacity through IPE

McCall, L., Barnett, A., Burley, M., Chesters, J. & Williams, B.


Project: Research

Health Promotion in Gippsland - Academic Input into Regional Health Promotion Action

Villanueva, E. & Oakley Browne, M.


Project: Research

Evaluation of 12 month pilot community projects

O'Meara, P., Burley, M., Pendergast, C. & Robinson, A.

Cardinia Shire Council


Project: Research

An evaluation of the implementation of primary mental health team in Gippsland region

Oakley Browne, M., Piterman, H., Chaterjee, S., Chesters, J., Monash, D., Piterman, L., Prabhu, V. & Pryce, A.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research