Projects 2006 2024


Mild traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative disease

Shultz, S., Iverson, G. L., Johnston, L., Agoston, D. V. & Mychasiuk, R.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

MSPP: Multiple Sclerosis: Pregnancy and Prognosis

Jokubaitis, V., Van Der Walt, A., Hellwig, K., McCombe, P. & Stankovich, J.


Project: Research

Novel Radioligands for PET imaging and phenotyping of multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Baell, J., Kilpatrick, T. J., Binder, M. D., Vivash, L. & Ackermann, U.


Project: Research

Perampanel in glioma associated seizures - efficacy and safety: a pilot phase II randomsied controlled trial.(PEGASUS)

O'Brien, T., Neal, A., Kwan, P., Drummond, K., Morokoff, A., Desmond, P. M., Moffat, B. M., Perucca, P., Gonen, O., Yuen, T. I., Murphy, M. A., Bulluss, K. J. & Cher, L.


Project: Research

TOP: TYSABRI Observational Program

Van Der Walt, A.


Project: Research

Transforming pulmonary rehabilitation to reduce hospital admissions in COPD

Holland, A., McDonald, C. F., Mahal, A. S., Lannin, N., Cox, N., Hepworth, G. & OʼHalloran, P. D.

Department of Health (Comm)


Project: Research