Projects 2001 2022

The Living Lab: Designing the Future of Aged Care

Clark, S., Flynn, D., Joe, K., Pink, S. & McCormack, J.

Cabrini Health


Project: Research

Improving the Safety of Women and Girls on Public Transport

Taft, A., Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Matthewson, G., Hooker, L., Forsdike-Young, K. & Henry, N.


Project: Research

Digital energy futures: forecasting changing residential electricity demand

Strengers, Y., Pink, S., Simpson, R., Judd, S. & Gallagher, L.


Project: Research

Investigation of the utility and the user experiences of widespread access to accurate emergency department wait times.

Walker, K., Ben-Mier, M., Joe, K., Papatheohari, J., Rankin, D., Stephenson, M., Martini, E., Lowthian, J., Stephenson, M., Blecher, G., Rodda, H., Turhan, B. & Tantithamthavorn, C.

Australian Government Department of Health


Project: Research

Expanded trial of an integrated smart home technology for people with cognitive impairment

Callaway, E., Simpson, G., Tregloan, K., Tate, R., Sloan, S., Mackey, J., Morgan, P., Dalton, A., Hodgkinson, A. & Babbage, D.


Project: Research

Improving blood donor retention through innovative design interventions

Armstrong, M., Egerton-Warburton, D., Masser, B. M., Coxon, S., Flynn, D., Potter, E., Dinh, T., Morfuni, R. & Aung, N.


Project: Research

Innovative learning environments and teacher change

Imms, W., Grocott, L. H., Hattie, J. A., Kvan, T., Clark, D. J., Cleveland, B., newton, C. & fisher, K.

ACT Education Directorate


Project: Research

Yours, mine, ours

Bawden, G.


Project: Research

Design Thinking Workshop: Moreland City Council

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Edwards, A., Korsmeyer, H. & Condliffe, Z.


Project: Consultancy

Monash Health Design Support

Flynn, D., Potter, E. & Dinh, T.


Project: Research


Bird, M.

City of Casey


Project: Research

Co-Make Melbourne

Richardson, M., Bawden, G., Szymkowiak, P., Larence, J., Akama, Y., Elliott, S., Mathwin, H. & Murphy, P.


Project: Research

Electric Bus Project

Budge, T., Napper, R., Fridman, I., Serafim, P. & Handberg, K.

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (VIC)


Project: Research

QLICKSMART Produce Comparison Research Project

Flynn, D., Hwang, I. D. & Potter, E.


Project: Research

Volgren EV Roof Design

Fridman, I. & Napper, R.


Project: Research

TAC - National and international perspectives to inform the TAC client housing strategy

Callaway, E., Tregloan, K., Bonyhady, B., Bowen, D., Gabbe, B., Braaf, S., Wiesel, I., Martel, A., Gohil, A., Lalor, A. & Moore, L.


Project: Research

Biohybrids:fusing biology, materials and digital fabrication

Alima, N. & McCormack, J.


Project: Research

Stage 2 - Hand Hygiene: Re-Design of Systems and Procedures

Armstrong, M., Hinds, J. & Kerley, B.


Project: Research

Manufacturing design for a high volume roof tile from waste PVC banner material

Millicer, H., Richardson, M., Hoyne, M. & Roos, N.


Project: Research

Safer Cities Project

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Edwards, A., Matthewson, G. & Salen, P. J.


Project: Research

Development and Pilot of a Gender Gap App

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Matthewson, G., Berry, J., Webb, I., Aisenberg, A., Robertson, F. & Sturmfels, B.


Project: Research

Venous Access

Armstrong, M. & Stewart, M.


Project: Research

Re-design of hand hygiene systems and procedures

John, K., Armstrong, M., Degnan, A. & Campbell, D.


Project: Other

Nissan Transport Design Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Vittouris, A. M.


Project: Research

Volgren Lifecycle Cost

Napper, R., Kober, R., Thambar, P. & Chiu, W.


Project: Research

Reasons for Use Package Website

Rose, C., Guglielmetti, M. & Hwang, I. D.


Project: Research