Projects 2002 2027

Social Cohesion and Pro-social Responses to Negative Perceptions of Crime

Lee, M., Wickes, R., Jackson, J., Ellis, J. & Keel, C.


Project: Research

INVEST: International students' sexual and intimate partner violence experiences study

Tarzia, L., Forbes-Mewett, H., Tran, L., Hegarty, K., Segrave, M., Humphreys, C. F. & Murdolo, A.


Project: Research

Developing better methodological tools for working with marginalised populations

Drozdzewski, D., Ratnam, C. & Wimark, T.


Project: Research

BC-GRIP Sharing experience of violence as a prevention strategy

Wheildon, L. J., Flynn, A., True, J. & Smith, L.


Project: Research

Revenge Pornography: The implications for law reform

Henry, N., Flynn, A., Powell, A., McGlynn, C., Rackley, E. & Gavey, N.


Project: Research

The Social Impact of Family Separation on Refugee Settlement and Inclusion in Australia

Wickes, R., Powell, R. & van Kooy, J. R.


Project: Research

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Assessment Toolkit

Wickes, R. & van Kooy, J. R.


Project: Research

Evaluating Criminal Transactional Methods in Cyberspace ass Understood in an International Context

Gundur, R., Chang, L., Hunt, D., Levi, M., Ouellet, M., Strolyarova, M. & Topalli, V.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Social Cohesion Partnership Project

Wickes, R., Forbes-Mewett, H., Powell, R., Maher, S. & van Kooy, J. R.

Victoria Police


Project: Research

Disability and the (Virtual) Institutions? Interventions, Integration and Inclusion

Steele, L., Weller, P., Spivakovsky, C. & Beaupert, F.


Project: Other

The Power of Parents Snapshot Evaluation

Pfitzner, N., Harris, L. & Hamilton, G.


Project: Research

EPFVWP: Evaluation of the Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Work Project

Pfitzner, N., Harris, L. & Ramcharan, P.


Project: Research

Understanding Experiences of CALD Women

Flynn, A.


Project: Research

Community Safety Networks Project Evaluation

Wickes, R., Forbes-Mewett, H., Gordon, E., Blaustein, J., Benier, K., Pickering, S., Powell, R., Hargreaves, K., Keel, C. & Helps, N.


Project: Research

Barriers and Facilitators of Neighbourhood Networks and Cohesion

Corcoran, J., Wickes, R. & Hipp, J. R.


Project: Research

State of Evidence – Key Issues in Migration and Displacement

Pickering, S., Powell, R. & Bieske, N.


Project: Research

Improving educational outcomes for children with a disability in Victoria

Joseph, S., Fletcher, A., Gerber, P. & Spivakovsky, C.

Legal Services Board


Project: Research