A literature review of critical incident monitoring

Boyle, M.


Project: Research

Spinal injury management program (SIMP)

Simpson, L.


Project: Research

Tuffstat Pulse Oximeters

Boyle, M.

Collier Charitable Fund, Monash University


Project: Research

Building Clinical Placement Capacity through IPE

McCall, L., Barnett, A., Burley, M., Chesters, J. & Williams, B.


Project: Research

Review of recent Australian disaster inquiries

Salmon, P., Archer, F., Goode, N., McClure, R. & Spencer, C.


Project: Research

Disaster Simulation

Huggins, C. & Archer, F.


Project: Research

MFESB Patient Care Enhancements - Where to Next?

Boyle, M., Burgess, S. & Wallis, J.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade


Project: Research

Reducing the burden of injury in India and Australia through development and piloting of improved systems of care

Gruen, R., Cameron, P., Fitzgerald, M., Ivers, R., Joshipura, M. K., Misra, M., Mock, C., O'Reilly, G. M., Matthew, J., Varma, D., Smolenaers, F., Joubert, L. B., Mitra, B., Stephenson, M., Meadley, B., Cudini, D., Calthorpe, S., Kimmel, L., Farrow, N., Walker, T., Gupta, A. L., Howard, T., Fahey, M., Yadav, L. & Mok, M. T.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (Comm), Monash University – Internal School Contribution, Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry and Monitoring Group (VSTORM)


Project: Research

Remote diagnosis of common apophyseal injuries in the lower limb

Williams, C., Bowles, K., James, A., Caserta, A. J., Haines, T. & Paterson , K.


Project: Research

Health of paramedics

Meadley, B. & Bowles, K.

Ambulance Victoria (AV)


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