Targeting oxidant-dependent pathways to improve stroke outcomes in COPD

Vlahos, R., Bozinovski, S., Crack, P. J., Miller, A., Hamilton, J., Irving, L. & Steinfort, D. P.


Project: Research

Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of sodium selenate as a disease modifying treatment for patients with behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia (bvFTD)

O'Brien, T., Malpas, C., Velakoulis, D., Brodtmann, A., Piguet, O., Kalincik, T., Walterfang, M., Ahmed, R., Bush, A. I. & Darby, D. G.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

Transforming pulmonary rehabilitation to reduce hospital admissions in COPD

Holland, A., McDonald, C. F., Mahal, A. S., Lannin, N., Cox, N., Hepworth, G. & OʼHalloran, P. D.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

Physical Activity, Exercise, Sport and Recreation Promotion for Adolescents with CF

Williams, C., Main, E., Holland, A., Scheidermann, J., McNarry, M., Barker, A., Rand, S., Cox, N., Wells, G., MacKintosh, K., OʼHalloran, P. D. & Byron, M.


Project: Research

Centre for Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis. A comprehensive and integrated clinical research program for PF: transforming the approach to PF in Australia

Corte, T. J., Knight, D., Laurent, G., Holland, A. E., Chambers, D. C., Moodley, Y. P., Walters, E. H., Westall, G., Glaspole, I. & Palmer, A. J.


Project: Research