Development of a Genital Surgery Patient-Reported Outcome Measure

Sharp, G., Kulkarni, J., Sarwer, D., Hamori, C. & Oates, J.


Project: Research

Discovering new drugs for epilepsy using personalised medicine

Kwan, P., Rollo, B., Langmead, C., Ayers, K. L. & Harris, A.


Project: Research

Early-life infections and the development of chronic disease

Starkey, M.


Project: Research

Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy Homevisits to Improve Participation after Stroke

Lannin, N., Cadilhac, D., Clemson, L. M., Drummond, A., Cameron, I., Crotty, M., Usherwood, T., Andrew, N., Laver, K. E. & Stanley, M.


Project: Research

Establishing the best method for improving exercise capacity, symptoms and quality of life in IPF patients

Corte, T. J., Knight, D., Laurent, G., Holland, A., Chambers, D. C., Moodley, Y. P., Walters, E. H., Westall, G., Glaspole, I. & Palmer, A. J.


Project: Research

Evaluating the effectiveness and safety of sodium selenate as a disease modifying treatment for patients with behavioural variant Frontotemporal Dementia (bvFTD)

O'Brien, T., Malpas, C., Velakoulis, D., Brodtmann, A., Piguet, O., Kalincik, T., Walterfang, M., Ahmed, R., Bush, A. I. & Darby, D. G.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

EVE-M (Enhancing the Vaginal Environment and Microbiome) Initiative

Tachedjian, G., Bradshaw, C., Fairley, C., Bateson, D., Gorkin, R., Ravel, J., Moulton, S. E., Eikelis, N., Greene, G. W. & Cook, S.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (Comm)


Project: Research