Projects 2000 2028


A national Magnetic Particle Imaging Facility

Egan, G., Davis, T., Hagemeyer, C., O'Brien, T., Martino, M., Bansal, V. & Crosbie, J.


Project: Research

A new model of health-care for co-morbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease

Zoungas, S., Teede, H., Kerr, P., Russell, G., Walker, R., Bach, L., Gallagher, M., Fulcher, G., Usherwood, T., Cass, A., Ranasinha, S., Jan, S., Lo, C. & Zimbudzi, E.

Australian Government Department of Health


Project: Research

A new monocyte atherogenic phenotype in chronic HIV disease.

Jaworowski, A., Hoy, J., Crowe, S., Elliott, J. & Hearps, A.


Project: Other

An investigation into the genomics of the inflammatory response to surgery and the actions of dexamethasone

Bain, C., Bozaoglu, K., Dieleman, J. M. & Corcoran, T.


Project: Research

A novel endogenous inhibitor for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy

Cooper, M. & Kantharidis, P.


Project: Research

Antifungal Prophylaxis in lung transplantation

Kong, D., Chin Fen, N., Kotsimbos, T., Morrissey, O., Snell, G., Stewart, K. & Slavin, M. A.

Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd


Project: Research

A Pilot Study of Fungal Avoidance in Allergic Asthma

Abramson, M., Guest, D., Thien, F. & Walters, E.

Alfred Research Trust


Project: Research

Apoptosis and stem cells in cancer development and therapy

Gerondakis, S., Adams, J. M., Bouillet, P., Colman, P., Cory, S., Huang, D., Kluck, R., Lindeman, G., Strasser, A., Vaux, D. & Visvader, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research