In vitro study of biofilm formation on new HVAD driveline

Qu, Y., McGiffin, D., Peleg, A. & Thissen, H.


Project: Research

Unlocking the secrets of metabolic variation in a highly diverse bacterium

Wyres, K., Holt, K., Monk, J. & Brisse, S.


Project: Research

Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes through Self-Management: My Therapy

Brusco, N., Morris, M. E., Hill, K., Taylor, N. F., Lee, A., Somerville, L., Lannin, N., Abdelmotaleb, R., Callaway, E., Kugler, H., Joy, A., Walpole, B., Boyd, L., Watterson, D. M., Raymond, M. J., Graco, M., Radia-George, C. & Sanfilippo, P.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research