Immediate Cooling and Emergency Decompression (ICED) for the treatment of spinal cord injury: pilot, safety and feasibility studies

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Transport Accident Commission (TAC)


Project: Research

A Systems Approach to the Adaptive Immune Response

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Project: Research

Regulation of NK cell activation by MHC class I molecules

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Project: Research

Immunity and Ovarian Cancer

Plebanski, M. & Quinn, M. A.

Women's Cancer Foundation


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Enhanced Crash Investigation System Project

Fitzharris, M., Gruen, R., Lenne, M. & Stevenson, M.


Project: Research

Reducing the burden of injury in India and Australia through development and piloting of improved systems of care

Gruen, R., Cameron, P., Fitzgerald, M., Ivers, R., Joshipura, M. K., Misra, M., Mock, C., O'Reilly, G., Matthew, J., Varma, D., Smolenaers, F., Joubert, L. B., Mitra, B., Stephenson, M., Meadley, B., Cudini, D., Calthorpe, S., Kimmel, L., Farrow, N., Walker, T., Gupta, A. L., Howard, T., Fahey, M., Yadav, L. & Mok, M. T.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (Comm), Monash University – Internal School Contribution, Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry and Monitoring Group (VSTORM)


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