Multiple system atrophy (MSA) application

Storey, E.


Project: Research

HIV latency, pathogenesis and immunity

Cooper, D., Davenport, M., Emery, S., Kelleher, A., Kent, S. J., Lewin, S. & Purcell, D.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Telerehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Holland, A., McDonald, C. F., Mahal, A. S., Alison, J. & Wootton, R.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

An open-label, multicenter, extension study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Padsevonil as adjunctive treatment of focal-onset seizures in adult subjects with drug-resistant epilepsy.

O'Brien, T., Perucca, P., D'Souza, W., Berkovic, S. F., Wijayath, M., Carney, P., Seneviratne, U., Reutens, D. C., Zentner, C., Frasca, J. & Nikpour, A.


Project: Research

A Phase 2 Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy, Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of PRAX-944 in Adults with Essential Tremor

Thyagarajan, D., Bertram, K., Fung, V. S. C., Adam, R. J., Lehn, A., Evans, A., Kimber, T. E., Lehn, A. & Burn, K.


Project: Research

Breath Control Training for Non-Epileptic Seizures

Winton-Brown, T. & Burn, K.


Project: Research

A national Magnetic Particle Imaging Facility

Egan, G., Davis, T., Hagemeyer, C., O'Brien, T., Martino, M., Bansal, V. & Crosbie, J.


Project: Research

ADVANCE: Addressing Dementia Via Agitation-Centered Evaluation

Gleason, A., O'Brien, T., Woodward, M. C. & Clarnette, R.


Project: Research