Projects 2000 2023


Diversifying Information Culture Training

Oliver, G. C., Foscarini, F. & Boamah, E.


Project: Research

IKM in Indigenous cultural centres of the Pacific

de Villiers, A. M., Denison, T. F. & Faulkhead, S.


Project: Research

ICU Nurse Allocation Project

Wallace, M. & Senthooran, I.


Project: Research

Disability or Diffability? Exploring Vision Impairment within Virtual Reality.

Butler, M. W., Holloway, L. & Crouch, L.


Project: Research

ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living

Mouzakis, K., Grundy, J. C., Venkatesh, S., Maeder, A. J., Hutchinson, A., Berk, M., Maddison, R., Kouzani, A. Z., Vasa, R., Calvo, R., Christensen, H. M., Williams, P., Phung, Q. D., Yearwood, J., Gordon, S., Powers, D. M., Wickramasinghe, N., Bidargaddi, N., Rana, S., Tran, T., Gupta, S., Luo, W., Abdelrazek, M., Tan, F. T. C., Langberg, H., Kayser, L., Kensing, F., Bodendorf, F., Hansen, J. P., Warren, J. R., Sinha, R., Smeaton, A., Aitken, I., Voukelatos, F., Fiebig, J., Serroni, D., Farquhar, C., Nagarajan, R., Tripodi, B., Biggin, J., Fouyaxis, J., Gerasimou, E., Varley, D. & Pitcher, M.

Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research

VBP: Virtual Brain for Dementia Australia

McCormack, J. P., Crouch, L., Wilson, E., Singh, D. & Stephens, K.


Project: Research

Quantifying environmental constraints on animal behaviour

Peters, R. & Chandler, T. T.


Project: Research

Biofocussed prostate cancer RadioTherapy (BiRT): A personalised approach to delivering the right dose to the right place

Haworth, A., Williams, S. G., Ebert, M. A., Reynolds, H. M., Dowling, J., Wraith, D., Liney, G., Mears, C., Betts, J. M. & Murphy, D.


Project: Research

BARD: Bayesian ARgumentation via Delphi

Korb, K. B., Nicholson, A. E., Nyberg, E. P., Morris, S., Bolger, F., Rowe, G., Wright, G., Hahn, U., Lagnado, D., Fenton, N., Neil, M., Zukerman, I., Wybrow, M. J. & Lewis, B.


Project: Research

Enhancing and supporting deliberations within multidisciplinary decision teams

Burstein, F., Stranieri, A., Yearwood, J., Warren, J. & Wolff, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Library Brd Vic - Prof D Schauder

Schauder, D.

Library Board of Victoria

2/02/06 → …

Project: Research