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    15 Innovation Walk

    Building 75

    Monash University



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ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud is Australia’s first federated research cloud. This distributed research infrastructure provides Australia’s research community with fast & interactive access to computing infrastructure, software, and data. It is a powerful platform for collaboration. Its "cloud age" self-service model allows researchers to store, access, and analyse their own data at any time, create dedicated virtual servers on demand, and collaborate with others from their desktop in a fast and efficient way. The Research Cloud at Monash, a node of ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud, is accessible computing infrastructure tailored for both peak research initiatives and the needs of research at large. It is a novel research infrastructure, that has driven the adoption of cloud / cloud-native, open-source, devops, CICD and software-defined methodologies by Monash researchers and Monash’s digital research infrastructures. Allocations to capacity on the Research Cloud is provided by ARDC (national merit), RMIT and Monash University.