Monash Genome Modification Platform

    Jeanette Rientjes (Manager)Leanne Maree Hawkey (Manager)

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From construct design to delivery of customised genetically modified animals, and everything in-between; the MGMP, together with the Australian Phenomics Netowrk (APN) Monash node and the Monash Animal Research Platform (MARP), delivers a comprehensive service in genome modification.
With an established track record and reputation for excellence our team uses techniques such as CRISPR-mediated mutagenesis, classical gene targeting and transgenesis to create optimal tools for your research.
Whether you require a CRISPR construct for zebra fish or favourite cell line; a genetically modified mouse, rat or rabbit; or advice on how to get started; contact us today to discover how your research can take advantage of our teams’ expertise and experience.