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    18 Innovation Walk Monash University Victoria 3800


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The ARMI FishCore facility is the largest zebrafish facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere, consisting of 1000 quarantine tanks and 5200 main facility tanks (non quarantine). FishCore has the capacity to meet the needs of ARMI, Monash University and the external biomedical research community. It houses genetically modified and mutant strains of zebrafish that model a variety of human diseases and conditions.

Additional services include a sperm freezing and rederivation service for any long term storage requirements. FishCore is an approved PC2 QAP quarantine facility for strains that require international importation. As such it can offer a comprehensive importation service relieving researchers of the regulatory requirements and paper work associated with importation. FishCore is also currently running a pilot system to house axolotl and shark embryos for research, with the intention of developing larger scale facilities in the future.