World-first computing technology on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud

  • Steve Quenette
  • Carmel Walsh
  • Dan Maslin
  • Ami Badani

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The demand for research computing power is increasing at an exponential rate as more research involves moving and analysing large and complex data sets to tackle the big challenges we’re facing, such as the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and food security. 

To address this challenge, a partnership between NVIDIAMonash University’s eResearch CentreMonash University’s Cyber Risk & Resilience team and the ARDC kicked off earlier this year to bring data processing units (DPUs) to the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud, Australia’s federated research cloud. 

This article is a re-post of the launch, and an update on its role now the DPUs have been deployed.

Period1 Oct 2021

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Media contributions


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