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Under the topic of helioseismology, our pioneering discovery of solarquakes seismic sources is mentioned :

  • Helioseismic holography, introduced in detail by Charles Lindsey and Doug Braun for the purpose of far-side (magnetic) imaging,[33] is a special case of phase-sensitive holography. The idea is to use the wavefield on the visible disk to learn about active regions on the far side of the Sun. The basic idea in helioseismic holography is that the wavefield, e.g., the line-of-sight Doppler velocity observed at the solar surface, can be used to make an estimate of the wavefield at any location in the solar interior at any instant in time. In this sense, holography is much like seismic migration, a technique in geophysics that has been in use since the 1940s. As another example, this technique has been used to give a seismic image of a solar flare.[34]
  • [34] Donea, A.-C.; Braun, D.C.; Lindsey, C. (March 1999). "Seismic Images of a Solar Flare". The Astrophysical Journal513 (2): L143–L146. Bibcode:1999ApJ...513L.143Ddoi:10.1086/311915.
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  • TitleHelioseismology From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHelioseismology, a term coined by Douglas Gough, is the study of the structure and dynamics of the Sun through its oscillations.
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