Why it is a good idea to befriend someone different to you

Press/Media: Expert Comment


Press/Media: Expert Comment provided for a digital article addressing the following questions:

-               Do you think there’s a danger in being in a social media echo chamber where we only follow people we’re similar to?

-               Why is it good to know people like ourselves?

-               How can we open our minds to people we may not yet understand or agree with?

-               If someone comes from a different cultural background to our own, why is it good to get to know them?

-               How can we connect with them if the point of difference is confronting?

-               How can we make the most of knowing this person we lack a sharing quality with?

-               What are some ways to meet someone that can expand our horizons?

-               What does it do for Australian society when we connect with someone different to us?

-               How do we maintain their connection?

-               Do you have any personal experience with this idea?


Period5 Feb 2020

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleABC Life Interview
    DescriptionThis interview provided expert commentary in the areas of cultural diversity,and intercultural learning and understanding.
    PersonsHelen Forbes-Mewett


  • Cultrual diversity
  • social cohesion
  • intercultural learning and understanding