What to do to attract a desirable mix of international students

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This article published in the University World News is a response to Salvatore Babones' claim that Australian Universities are over-dependent on Chinese international student, posing risks to universites. Ly Tran (Deakin) and Helen Forbes-Mewett (Monash) present a balanced and factual account of international eduction recruitment in Australia. The artcle indicates that Australia hosts 112,329 university students from China, large and growing numbers also come from India (46,316); Malaysia (15,309); 14,712; and Vietnam (14,491). Most Australian universities are aware of the need to diversity and have been doing so for many years. We acknowledge international students for their contributions beyond economic benefits and universities' efforts to address the needs of international students. We also take into account the large number of outbound students, including to China.  

Period28 Aug 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleWhat to do to attract a desirable mix of international students
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