What Kind of Leadership Will Generation Z Want?

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Period7 Aug 2019

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Media contributions

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    DescriptionA few years ago, some startling data showed that fewer women led top companies than were run by men called John. If we look at leaders such as Donald Trump, it would appear that we still prefer them as white, male, charismatic and with a ‘take-charge’ manner.

    What is our love affair with an authoritarian style of leadership really all about? And will it simply be rinse-and-repeat in the future, or will Millennials and Gen Zs do it differently?

    Born in the 1990s, Generation Z is just coming into the workforce. Attached to technology from a young age, they’ve had a ready window to the world unlike any other generation. Importantly, they are likely to experience artificial intelligence and robots as a routine feature in their chosen workplace.

    “Gen Z are the most socially conscious generation we have ever known. They’re seeing the world’s problems as theirs to solve. And you just need to look at how they’ve protested for climate change, marriage equality and gun reform in the US. They’re seeking to lead this conversation, rather than just be part of it,” says Dr Nathan Eva, an expert in sustainable management.

    Dr Eva is joined by Frances Feenstra, an organisational psychologist and director of People Measures, an Australian management and leadership consultancy.
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