Wage Theft at Grill'd, an Australian food chain specialising in burgers.

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Popular Australian burger chain Grill'd has been accused of using Government-subsidised traineeships to keep young workers on low wages. Some staff say they are being paid training wages, but are not being trained. Felicity Sowerbutts, from the Young Workers Centre, says it is not right for taxpayers to subsidise a burger joint. Prof Greg Bamber, from Monash University, notes other unfair employment practices, including Wage Theft, are being used around Australia in various industries. The Fair Work Commission is investigating the claims. Grill'd says it is proud of its traineeships. Interviewees: Prof Greg Bamber, Monash University, Melbourne; Felicity Sowerbutts, Young Workers Centre; Patrick Stephenson, Grill'd employee. Aired nationally across the ABC TV network: Australia, lead item, ABC TV News, 7pm, 7 Dec 2019.

Period7 Dec 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleABC TV News about a form of Wage Theft at Grill'd, an Australian food chain specialising in burgers.
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outletABC TV News, 7pm, 7 Dec 2019, lead item
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    Duration/Length/Size2.48 minutes
    Producer/AuthorABC TV
    PersonsGreg Bamber


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