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Episode 61: Rivke Margolis

In this episode, our guest host Esther Singer talks to Rivke Margolis, a professor at Monash University in Melbourne. They talked about queer yiddishkayt, Yiddish pedagogy, and comparing Yiddish to other minority languages. Thanks to Esther for being our first guest host in a very long time! 


Period6 Dec 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitleVaybertaytsh: A Feminist Podcast in Yiddish
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionVaybertaytsh is a feminist podcast for the Yiddish-speaking and Yiddish-curious.

    Vaybertaytsh is a platform for Yiddish-speakers to create and consume new and exciting audio content in Yiddish. Our focus is to highlight the stories and works of women and queer-folk, and to discuss feminist issues.

    Vaybertaytsh was inspired by the history of second-wave feminist radio collectives, which created spaces for American women to speak openly about their lives, work, and activism to a listening audience. Radio had been an overwhelmingly male-dominated profession, and even today, the majority of voices on the airwaves are those of men. Vaybertaytsh is a part of a broader push to bring feminist voices in the public sphere.

    The podcast is also a distinctly Yiddishist project. We believe that Yiddish must be used to talk about anything and everything, not only the language itself. Our episodes include discussions of identity, gender, family, sexuality, love, women's health, fair trade fashion, academic research and more.

    Furthermore, Vaybertaytsh attempts to include the stories of the wonderfully diverse Yiddish-speaking world. Our listenership is religious, secular, formerly Hasidic, and non-Jewish. They are women and men, trans and genderqueer. They are of all ages, and hail from over twenty countries around the globe.

    The name "vaybertaytsh" (lit: women's commentaries/translations) refers to Yiddish commentaries on the Torah that were written in Yiddish by men for women in Eastern Europe -- as one fine man noted, the original "mansplaining." We're flipping the concept of "vaybertaytsh" on its head, explaining and commenting on our own terms.

    The podcast is in Yiddish with the exception of very occasional English "shorts." If you don't speak Yiddish *yet!*, check out our dual-lingual Facebook page and Instagram, and subscribe to the podcast on iTtunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts, so you can catch the English surprises.
    Producer/AuthorSandy Fox/Esther Singer
    PersonsRebecca Margolis


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