They could be fighting the cure for cancer: Why Australia is failing our high achievers.

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Journal article discussing recent research about identifying underachieving gifted students in a NSW school and differences between methods. Discussion about need for more professional learning for teachers and gifted/high ability selective secondary  programs in Victorian schools. 

Period14 Apr 2023

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Media contributions

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    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletThe Age newspaper
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    DescriptionJournal article on recent research on identifying underachieving gifted students in NSW school of gifted students. Research on different methods for identifying underachieving gifted students. Lack of cognitive assessment for students in govt schools in Australia, so many teachers are not able to identify highly able students in class or recognise which students are underachieving. Need for more professional learning re. ID of gifted students and teaching them. Need for more high ability select entry high schools.
    Producer/AuthorNicole Precel
    PersonsLeonie Kronborg


  • gifted/highly able students, identification of underachieving gifted students