The Unfairer Sex podcast: The politics of masculinity

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Why is the study of men, and the social the constructs of what being "a man" is, important to feminism? And why are the women at the Unfairer Sex talking about it? The simple answer – men being expected to behave in a particular way has a direct impact on the way women are expected to behave. 

This week we have the pleasure of hosting Steve Roberts, a Professor at the School of Education Culture and Society, Monash University. He is a sociologist who specialises in youth studies and critical studies of men and masculinities. He discusses the impact that growing up with an abusive step parent had on him, his views on toxic masculinity and how he broke what could have been the cycle of abuse. We also explore elements of his research – looking at politics of masculinity and the promotion of healthy/positive masculinities among boys & men to help tackle harmful masculine norms & achieve greater gender equality.

Period24 Oct 2022

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Media contributions