The poisoned plate of climate change

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Review of our paper on the effect of temperature and drought on the toxicity of cassava published in Global Change Biology

Period7 Nov 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitleThe poisoned plate of climate change
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    Duration/Length/Size800 words
    DescriptionWinner of the Crawford Fund prize for journalism 2018

    Professor Gleadow’s group is working to determine just what those levels might be as part of an investigation into the impact that different climatic conditions will have on cassava and the implications for human food supplies, nutrition and safety through
    new research in collaboration with Australia’s national research organisation, CSIRO, funded by the Australian Centre for
    International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).
    "Achieving food security is not only about increasing yields, but also ensuring that food remains safe and nutritious,” Professor Gleadow says. etc.

    Producer/AuthorClarisa Collis
    PersonsRoslyn Gleadow


  • cassava
  • climate change
  • toxicity
  • global change biology