The character of our deputy prime minister is absolutely in the public interest

  • Margaret Simons

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I was quoted in this article canvassing views on whether hte private life of Barnaby Joyce was a legitimate topic of journalism.

Period7 Feb 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleMedia roundtable: was it ethical of the Tele to publish its Barnaby Joyce story?
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    DescriptionYesterday The Daily Telegraph was splashed with a story that’s been political gossip for months: Barnaby Joyce’s ex-staffer and now-girlfriend is pregnant with his fifth child. This comes months after another story, which also ran on the front page, about the unspecified “personal crisis” that was spilling into the Deputy Prime Minister’s public life in the lead-up to the New England byelection.

    The story has brought to the fore the age-old debate for political journalism: when is a politician’s personal life in the public interest? So we did a whip around of some interested observers on the ethics of publishing this story.
    PersonsMargaret Simons