Seventy years after Hiroshima who was Australian war correspondent Wilfred Burchett

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    This article explores the career of the radical Australian journalist Wilferd Burchett on the 70th anniversary of his Hiroshima 'scoop'. Burchett was the first Western journalist to enter Hiroshima after the dropping of the atomic bomb in September 1945 and his account was published in the London Daily Express. The article contends that Burchett should not be solely remembered for his Hiroshima scoop, but on all his writings. Reporting the Korean and Vietnam wars from the communist side, Burchett was condemned as traitor and denied entry into Australia. As this article details, Burchett was banished from his own country, and subjected to a smear campiagn by conservative Australian governments, because of his political views. 

    Period7 Sept 2015

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