Science meets Parliament 2022

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Period4 Apr 2022

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleScience meets Parliament 2022 | ONLINE 28 Feb – 4 March
    DescriptionThis event offers an unrivalled program of bespoke training to forge deeper connections between federal Parliamentarians and those working in science and technology.

    It plays crucial role to build relationships to bring STEM expertise even more deeply into the service
    of the nation. It does so by giving STEM experts a deeper understanding of how to engage effectively with policymakers. And it helps policymakers
    to connect with key experts in science and technology.

    In 2022, Science & Technology Australia has built another ambitious program to extend this impact even further.

    Our national gathering of up to 450 STEM leaders will include expert-led professional development, a welcome reception, a Parliamentary forum, national gala dinner, a televised National Press Club address, and opportunities for delegates to meet in small groups privately with Parliamentarians.

    Amid the uncertainties of COVID-19, we will stage our program in two parts in 2022.

    The conference and training will be delivered online from February 28 to March 4. An in-person National Press Club address by STA President Professor Mark Hutchinson is planned for March 2 in Canberra.
    PersonsAdam Surmiak