SBS World News 6.30: Superannuation and the Gender savings gap

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    New research by Monash University found the gap between superannuation savings of men and women begins early in their careers, expanding more than 400% as they get closer to retirement. There are now growing calls for measures to tackle the growing female financial disadvantage experienced by women when they leave the workforce. The study tracked more than 51,000 super accounts over a 10-year period. In the report, it was revealed there was a gap of more than $1000 for younger workers and almost $22,000 for the older workers in 2002. A decade later, this gap widened to more than $18,000 for early careers and $82,000 to those nearing retirement. The ACTU is also calling for the scrapping of a $450 a month salary threshold under which employers are not required to pay the superannuation guarantee.


    - Carly Moulang Monash University
    - Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary


    - ACTU

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    SBS World News coverage of my research and interview. 

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    Period17 Apr 2019

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    Media contributions

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