Sarah Jane Pell: Re-defining engaging creative experiences from Sea, to Summit, to Space.

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Australian artist Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is an independent artist on Earth (since 1996), commercial diver (since 2001), Artist-Astronaut Candidate (since 2016), and an explorer and researcher of new worlds. She is on a mission to bring space to art, and art to space. She has exhibited since 1997: Themes of human-aquatic adaptation to other worlds and other extreme-performance interfaces are central to her work. She is best known for pioneering “aquabatics” that is performed underwater or shown in museums as films and artefacts. To be honest, the real work for Pell has been to push the boundaries of what defines research and extreme exploration performance in practice, prioritising experimentation by design, and seeking practice-led research opportunities to demonstrate creative research impact pathways for that 15% in high-risk operational environments. By doing so she strives to build an international award-winning creative arts research practice in hard-to-access underwater technology and space-related environments.

Period24 Nov 2019 → 25 Nov 2019

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Media coverage


  • Performance art
  • Human spaceflight
  • Ocean exploration
  • Space and planetary science
  • visual arts
  • Immersive visualisation
  • Space Analogue