Punters are losing $8,000 a minute just in Qld

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Period9 Jan 2017

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Media contributions

  • TitlePunters are losing $8,000 a minute just in Qld
    Media name/outletNine network capital cities and regionals
    Duration/Length/Size2 mins 44 secs
    DescriptionPunters are losing more than $8,000 a minute just in Queensland alone to gambling in casinos, pubs and clubs. Leading experts believe that operators are targeting those in high stress, low income areas to boost their profits. Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University says there is a strong relationship between socio economic stress and the concentration of pokie machines. Livingstone says that in Logan, Queensland, Townsville, Moreton Bay, and Ipswich there are problem spots. In Sydney the Western Suburbs and Fairfield are problems. In Melbourne Western Suburbs and the South East are problems, and in Hobart Glenorchy has a string concentration of pokie machines. In SA Elizabeth and Port Adelaide have problems.
    Producer/AuthorClint Stanaway
    PersonsCharles Livingstone