Popular routes a flight risk: Advocates push for fast rail to ease (airport) congestion

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....Monash University professor Greg Bamber, co-author of airline industry research study Up In the Air, warned that without a viable alternative for trips between

capital cities, prices could be forced up and passengers required to book months in advance. "If nothing is done there will also be more damage to the environment from busy

domestic air services," Prof Bamber said. "We'll have to spend more and more on increasing airport capacity. It's a nobrainer, Australia should be coming to terms and put in high-speed rail

connections."  Full text http://readnow.isentia.com/ArticlePresenter.aspx?GUID=e1e2bfd...5/5/19, 12:08 pm

Period4 May 2019

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Media coverage

  • TitlePopular routes a flight risk
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    Media name/outletCourier Mail, Brisbane
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    DescriptionAdvocates push for fast rail to ease congestion
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