PODCAST: 'Situational Awareness'

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Period27 Nov 2018

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Media coverage

  • TitlePODCAST: ' #5 Situational Awareness'
    Media name/outletPodcast: 'Sexism and the City with Jan Fran'
    Media typeWeb
    DescriptionReleased 27 November 2018

    Hands up if you always hop in the backseat of the Uber. Or if you walk without headphones on the way home when it’s dark. There’s a name for this. It’s ‘situational awareness’ and in this episode we’re going to pull it apart – the companies making big dollars from our fear, the role guys can play to be situationally aware themselves and how to shift the conversation from how girls can keep themselves safe and instead move the responsibility to the dudes
    PersonsNicole Kalms