Pierre Bourdieu (1930 – 2002)

  • Brook Bolander

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Period27 Jan 2016

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Media contributions

  • TitlePierre Bourdieu (1930 – 2002)
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    DescriptionPierre Bourdieu is undoubtedly one of the best known sociologists of the twentieth century, and a scholar whose work continues to influence sociology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy, as well as social theory more generally. Born in Denguin, France, in 1930, Bourdieu attended the renowned École normale supérieure university in Paris. After his studies in Paris, he taught in a provincial school before being sent to Algeria in 1956, where he spent two years in the French army, and then two further years doing fieldwork and collecting data. After returning in 1960, he spent the majority of his life as a scholar in Paris, where he was a director of studies at the École Pratique des Hautes Études and chair of sociology at the Collège de France.
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