New metric reveals economic losses from disease and illness

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Over the course of a standard working lifespan in Indonesia, their national economy will lose around 15.6 million years of productivity to smoking related illnesses among the workforce. Australia stands to lose just a fraction of this amount, with 2.5 million productive years wiped from our economy over a standard working lifetime.

In Australia, high blood pressure causes nearly 610,000 years of lost productivity over the course of a standard working lifespan. If we could help patients achieve optimal control of their blood pressure long-term, it would reduce that figure by more than half, saving our economy $76 billion in gross domestic product.

These are some impressive figures. But how do we know? And how do we best use that information?

Such estimates have been made possible by the work of A/Prof Zanfina Ademi and colleagues at the new Monash Outcomes Research and health Economics (MORE) Unit, including Prof Danny LiewA/Prof Ilana Ackerman and Dr Ella Zomer. They’ve designed a novel metric to assess long-term economic productivity losses caused by illness or unhealthy behaviours.

Period28 Jun 2021

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Media contributions